The Buckingham Canal from Deanshanger

Distance 14.44 Miles : Time 5h 00m 43s : elevation Gain 360ft

One of my ancestors Canal Boats near leckhamstead Wharf.

I know that my relatives of old used the canal for their day to day work, so i have always had an interest in it. Yesterday we decided to walk down the old Buckingham to Deanshanger Arm of the canal,and see if there is anything left of it. First we had to walk to Buckingham so we set off along the back roads and fields towards Wicken, then towards Akeley wood school.

Looking back towards Wicken

After a while we arrived in Buckingham and headed to where the map informed us that the old canal started. We were surprised to find the canal was easy to find as it made its way across the first field. The canal went from Wharf house in Buckingham to the Grand union canal at cosgrove. The Canal arm was in two parts, it consisted of an arm to Old Stratford, this linked the canal to the old roman road Watling Street (A5). Later on it was linked to Buckingham and opened to traffic in 1800. in 1850 the Bletchley to banbury branch railway was opened and as with most Canals it was the railway that killed water born businesses. It also had a problem with silting up, and the last boat to use the canal was in 1932

Hyde Lane Locks

You lose the canal a few times across the fields, however when you come to Hyde Land reservoir it stands, out and you will soon find the remains of a lock (pictured above). This lock was restored by the Buckingham canal society and they have done a good job, visit their site for more details. We then headed for cattleford Bridge, the canal is very prominent in this field and you can track it all the way to the Thornton road without a problem. Just before you reach the road look behind you and you will find the old canal bridge still there (it is filled in on the other side of the road)

Bridge by Thornton Road

From here we made our way to Beachampton and then to the river ouse, which we crossed it at mill farm and then finally reached Deanshanger, walking past Kingfisher farm golf club. It was a nice walk, but it was a long distance and we were glad to get home. Please have a look at the photos, they are all Geotagged so you can easily find them for yourself. Also the Garmin connect map near the top will give you all walk details. Earlier in the year we also walked the Cosgrove to Old Stratford part of the canal please click this link to go to this page.

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