The Rollright Stones & Chipping Norton

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This was a walk around the cotswolds town of Chipping Norton (Map loc) and across the rolling fields towards the Rollright Stones and the little villages of Salford and Little Rollright.

This walk was downloaded from the AA walks and we just adjusted it a little. Our start point was the cotswold town of Chipping Norton. This small market town is very popular with tourists and loads of people head to this part of the cotswolds on the weekend. Parking is not to bad and we found a small car park for long stay parking down the A44 new street (
map loc.) The route walks along the Earthworks for Chipping Norton castle, this once Norman Motte & Bailey stands to the North west of the town nothing remains but the ditches. You are soon heading into the rolling hills of the Cotswolds with a steep incline up to the Rollright Stones
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Rollright Stones (Map Loc)
The Rollright Stones are a complex of three Neolithic and Bronze Age megalithic monuments located near to the village of Long Compton on the borders of Oxfordshire and Warwickshire in the English Midlands. Constructed from local oolitic limestone, the three separate monuments, now known as The King's Men, The King Stone and The Whispering Knights, are each distinct in their design and purpose, and were each built at different periods in late prehistory. The stretch of time during which the three monuments were erected here bears witness to a continuous tradition of ritual behaviour on sacred ground, from the 4th to the 2nd millennium BC . They are well worth a look around and take your time to visit all three atracshions listed below . Please remember it now costs £1 each to have a look, but the area is kept well.

The King's Men
The King's Men is a stone circle that is 33 metres in diameter, currently composed of seventy-seven closely spaced stones.[19] Being a stone circle, it was constructed at some point during the Late Neolithic or Early Bronze Age in British prehistoric

The King Stone
The King Stone is a single, weathered monolith, 2.4 metres high by 1.5 metres wide, standing 76 metres north of the King's Men. Unlike the other two of the Rollright monuments, it is of uncertain date.

The Whispering Knights
The Whispering Knights, 2011.
Apparently the earliest of the Rollright Stones, the Whispering Knights are the remains of the burial chamber of an Early or Middle Neolithic portal dolmen lying 400 metres east of the King's Men.

We turned south West towards the little village of Little Rollright (
Map loc) and had a look around the old church then headed onto the long distance path D'arcy Dalton Way. This path is 66 miles in length and is named after the late Col. P D'arcy, who worked for over half a century to preserve rights of way in Oxfordshire. It links four major paths that cross Oxfordshire: Oxford Canal Walk, Oxfordshire Way, Thames Path and Ridgeway, following roughly the western boundary of Oxfordshire in unspoilt countryside.
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