Munich Germany September 9th - 13th 2014

A great holiday to Munich Germany where we have wanted to go for a long while. We visited loads of places and drunk lots of beer, i have put it into four sections below if your interested.

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1st Day Beer and Food tasting

A long time in the planning was the visit to Munich Germany, the trip consisted of both history and Beer and food tasting
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2nd Day the Royal castles

he second day saw an early start heading towards the royal castles of King Ludwig, Ludwig II or Ludwig Otto Friedrich Wilhelm, (25 August 1845 – 13 June 1886)[
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3rd day Walking around Munich

Munich is a vibrant city and at night is makes for excellent walking, it is safe and there are always plenty of people about enjoying the nightlife with the many Beer gardens and restaurants
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Day 4 the eagles nest

The final tour took us near the the Austrian Border to the town of Berchtesgaden and finally into the eagles nest high in the Bavarian alps, the history of the National Socialist party (Nazi party) played a large part in this area due to many of its leaders having houses there