Kinder Scout

Time 4h 16m 10s : Distance 9.98m : elevation gain 1702m

The Village of Edale Kinder Edge behind

We had a Hotel booked in Chesterfield North this time so we got two whole days of Hiking in. On the first day the weather looked ok so we headed to the village of Edale in Hope Valley. Our aim this walk was to climb Kinder Scout, at 636 m it is the tallest point in the peak District. KInder scout was the scene of the Kinder protest that resulted in the government opening up the moors for the public to roam. The kinder Plateau is quite a treacherous place to go walking due to the Peat bogs that cover the area, so its best done in good weather. Due to the recent low rain levels in the area we felt ok to give it a try. Also when you are in the peak hills you can get totally disorientated so a map and compass is a must.

Looking Down Jacobs Ladder

We first had to climb up Jacobs ladder to Kinder low, this is an old pack horse trail that leads to the top, this was very steep but had a good path so provided no problems getting up. It's not long before you will see the Edale rocks near the top.

Mitch At KInder Low 633m

Once on the plateau it makes for quite an easy walk with only a few short climbs. The views from the top are quite spectacular and we were lucky enough to have very clear weather, so could see for many miles. We had our picnic by a dried up water course and were attacked by the bravest sheep we have ever come across, they came right up to us to get to our food and even followed us.

Kinder Peat Bogs.

Next we walked through a peat bog luckily it has been very dry lately and so it wasn’t as wet as it could have been, however Gail still fell into the bog twice and she wasn’t very keen on walking through it.

Eventually we made our way back on to solid rock and made our way to grinds brook which was a very steep rocky descent, this really slowed us down as it was quite treacherous, Gail fell on the way down and it also started hailing at this point just to add to the drama! We followed the brook all the way back to Edale village, Where we stopped at the Nags Head for a pint of Nags 1577.

Grinds Brook

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Garmin Gps data of route we took.