Bleaberry Fell

Total distance 8.4mile 1931ft of ascent total time 4h 55m

Bleaberry Fell

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Bleaberry fell lies just to the east of Derwent water, with a total height of 590m it makes a good climb. We set off from castlerigg farm camp site and crossed the foot bridge over Brockle Beck near Rakefoot. Just head uphill all the way to walla Crag at 370m and Bleaberry can easily be seen to the left. It has a parent peak named High seat, however we did not do this one due to the weather coming in.

Walla Crag

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Once you have crossed the summit to walla crag the path is a little unclear for a while however if you keep your eyes peeled you will see many criss cross path leading in the direction. I must warn you the ground around this fell gets a little boggy so try to keep your feet dry (unlike gail she fell in a bog).

Bleaberry Fell Path

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After a while a little pathway turns up and makes easy walking to the base of the fell, you then will find a steep climb up to the top. The national Trust have done a good job on the steep pathway laying many stones to use as steps. The path is long but after a while you will be on the lower Summit, a cairn stone will be directly in front of you to lead the way to the summit at 590m or 1936ft in old money.

The Summit

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A look east from the top will show some massive fells, Helvellyn (949), Raise (883), and Stybarrow dodd (843), however to the south of Bleaberry lies High seat at 608m. We did not do this part due to weather however it did not look that difficult. We found this fell fairly easy and should provide no problems in good weather.

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