Causey Pike - Scar Crags & Barrow Fell

A walk of about 7.5mile with 2565ft of assent, tracks and Paths are good but please note Causey Pike needs to be scrambled to get over so I have marked the walk as hard.

From the village of Braithwaite we head south following a gentle incline towards Braithwaite lodge (
map) you will see the trail up towards the fell of Barrow however this will be done on the decent part of the trip. We walk on the east flank of barrow climbing just a few feet so plenty of time to get our legs climatised for the hard slog soon to follow. Just past the hamlet of Stair you will pass the small bridge over Stonycroft Gill (map) looking up you cannot miss Rowling end and over more to the west Causey Pike. Looking at Causey pike for a while its hard to imagine getting past the massive wall of rock in your way, and as you climb towards it doesn’t look any easier until you get quite close and lucky we see some fellow climbers going towards the top. The summit of 637m is a good scramble and you will have to use your hands on this one, whilst not dangerous I would not take young children and in the wet it would be very slippery. For anybody wanting to go around it and climb from the west I could find no path whatsoever so over we went, there was two other climbers looking up the wall of rock and the four of us all went up together, strength in numbers. The views on the top are stunning and most of the North western fells spring into view with our next target Scar crags towards the south west was easily found and a good path also, its only a small incline towards the crags at 672m . The views from the top are stunning and you can see a lot of prominent fells from the summit, from the Cat Bells Great Dodd to the east to Bowfell and Scafell pike to the south they are all on view. From Scar Crags a lot of people will walk towards Sail pass where paths branch off towards the other large fells Sail, Crag Hill, sand hill etc however we have done these fells so we made our way towards the final fell on the list Barrow. Leaving the crags you will find a path that goes North east (Map) through High Moss and under the flanks of Outerside towards Barrow Door - Stile end, also on this track you will find a great path down towards the village of Sail down Stonycroft Gill if you need it (map). The Fell of Barrow is easy reached at 455m with views of Braithwaite bellow and after a bit of small rock you will find a green path that almost looks well mowed all the way back to our starting point Braithwaite Lodge. A fantastic walk this one with only the scramble of Causey Pike to worry about.

Mapping and Gps