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The High Stile range Buttermere.

The high stile range of Fells runs alongside Crummock and Buttermere water and gives great views whilst on the top. The total distance of the walk is about 9.4 miles in total.
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The High Stile range lies near to Buttermere, its best to chose the car park that sits near the start of crummock water (map here). The best way to reach Buttermere is from Derwent water along B5289 and up through the Honister pass, this is a picturesque route so take your time and enjoy the views. Allow plenty of time in summer because the car parks can become very busy, car parking cost £7 (SWIZZ) you can pay by cash or card. The village of Buttermere gets loads of tourists so there are a few shops and also the Fish Inn Hotel for a couple of pints when the climb is done. Again on this trip we used Wainrights pictorial guide to the fells book seven the western fells. The range consists of three major peaks, Red pike, High Stile, & High Crag, and we decided to climb them in that order. From Buttermere village you cannot see the top of Red pike. Many paths lead up to the top but watch the screes that are red (hence the name red pike) these can be tricky especially in poor weather. We decided to take a long way round, taking in the views of Scale Force waterfall around Blea crag and along the Lingcomb edge to the top of Red pike.
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At about 3.6 miles we reached the top of Red pike without any problems and missed the screes that I had read about in the book. The views were incredible looking over towards Ennerdale water, and the waters of both Crummock and Buttermere looked stunning below. The clouds were rolling in over Pillar in Ennerdale and it looked very dramatic, luckily they just stopped over there for some reason and never once bothered us. Be careful on the top of the ridge, as the route is not as clear as you would think so again consult your compass and map and make your way to the highest point that is High Stile (807m) about 1mile away peak to peak. You will see Bleaberry tarn below as you make your way along and again there is a route that takes you right by the Tarn. The ridge route is very easy walking with no problems just again consult your map to get onto the correct path for High Crag. Once High crag is reached you have the unpleasant job of coming down the Gamlin end as you head towards the Scarth gap, this route is very steep and in places just scree and loose rocks, take extreme care on this section of the walk. There is a short cut on the os map that cuts out Seat Crag and even more scree, however we could not find it, it was only from Scarth Gap that we could see the path. The National trust have done a lot of work to make a walkable path up the Gamlin end but cannot go all the way due to the extreme steepness . This route took us to some of the more remote places of the high Stile range and we saw about 5 people the whole trip, but please take care it is steep and watch the scree on the descent.

Pictures from the Trip

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