The Newlands Round
The Cat Bells Fell 10.6 Miles

We Made our way to a small car park in the Borrowdale valley please click this link to find it. This car park is free but you must get there early, we got there at 09.00am and there was only three places left. If this is full you will have to find your way to Keswick and catch the motor launch to Hawes end, please check the time table of motor launch with this link.

The CatBells Fell

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I have wanted to do this walk for many years, and the weather on this day was great for walking. We set off from Deanshanger very early and arrived by the flanks of Cat bells well before ten o clock. The cat bells peak stands at 1480ft high and is an easy climb to the top. A little bit of a scramble is needed to reach the rocky summit but should not give you to many problems.

Cat Bells Summit

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The views are great from the top if the weather is good, we were very lucky the day we climbed and we could see for many miles. If you just wish to do the Cat bells you can just back track to the bottom, or you can find many paths down back to the borrowdale valley.

Derwent water & Borrowdale

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From the summit of the Catbells we decided to make the summit of maiden moor next, this stands at 1890ft and is a easy climb from the catbells summit. The path is well laid down in front of you and you can easily see it on googleearth etc. A small Cairn stone will show the summit of Maiden Moor

Maiden Moor summit

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From Maiden moor we made our way to High spy that stands at 2142ft, again its an easy path and you will have no problems finding the path. From the top of High spy you have great views of Borrowdale, Honister and the Newlands Valley. From the summit of High spy we made our way to the highest point on our trip Dalehead. To get there you first have to make your way down to Dalehead Tarn and then climb all the way to the summit at 2470ft. This is hell of a climb and takes a little while to do.

Dalehead Summit 214ft

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From the summit of Dalehead you have great views over looking the Honister pass, all the mine working can be seen without problem and you get a feeling that you have climbed a massive peak in the Lakes. From this point you only have a couple of paths to take, they are Hindscarth or Robinson we took the Hindscarth route. Hindscarth stands at 2385ft but is a short climb from the Dalehead summit. From Hindscarth we made our way down Scope end, this was hard work, please do not underestimate this route. It took us an hour just to go a mile as every bit needs careful climbing down rocks. We were lucky that it was Dry, but i would not like to do this route in wet conditions.

Hindscarth Summit

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This was a good route, but again only do the whole Newlands round if you have had some experience of rock scrammbling and often walk ten miles. You need to take plenty of water and food and look out for the weather that can change in a very short time. You can view the Gps data below to plan your route, you can also stop at High Spy and make your way down to grange to make the trip a little shorter.

Gps data for your use.

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