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From the Thames barrier to Wapping a Ten mile walk.

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This walk was a continuation of our Thames path walk that has now took us from Richmond Bridge to the Thames flood barrier which is about 34 miles in total. This walk started on the North side of the thames , getting there was easy using the Overground and the nearest tube station Pontoon Bridge. You will have to double back on yourself but have a look at the Thames barrier, we were lucky and the tide on the Thames was out so we could see the huge flood doors lying in the silt also nearby is the sunken garden make sure you have a walk through it.

Royal Victoria Dock.
The next place of interest is the historical Docklands , the Royal Victoria dock is the largest in London and make sure you cross it using the Royal Victoria Dock bridge, at 30m high it gives great views with London city Airport to the east and Canary Wharf to the West in fact I think there is no better place to get a picture from. The Docks shut down in 1980 but now is home to the huge Excel building and various hotels etc some floating, the Sunborn floating hotel looks a great place to stay but get saving.

The Emirates airline
After looking around dock lands you need to cross over the Thames to the south side and the easiest way to do this is to take the cable car. You can pay by Oyster card and at £3.20 offers a great view point over the Thames, the journey takes ten minutes or so and lands near to the O2 arena

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Greenwich & the foot tunnel
soon after passing the huge O2 arena you will find yourself in Royal Greenwich home to the royal observatory, the meridian line, the Cutty sark and the Foot tunnel under the Thames to the Isle of Dogs. You also will find a riverside pub called the Cutty Sark where you can sit by the Thames and have a pint. The foot tunnel was opened in 1902 and runs 370m long under the Thames.

Isle of Dogs, Limehouse and back to Wapping
After the Tunnel you will arrive on the isle of Dogs heading along the path towards Millwall with Canary Wharf towering above. Make a date to walk through Canary Wharf on a saturday or Sunday as it is a nice area with great Transport links, bars, and cafes etc. Through Millwall and head towards the Limehouse Basin, this area has had loads of cash spent on it and is a great place to walk around and look at the moored boats and have a pint. We were lucky on the day due to some boats wanting to depart into the Thames so they blocked the road off and we watched them swivel the road and open Limehouse docks to let them on there way. Again a little way west along the Thames you arrive in one of our favourite suburbs Wapping and a nice little Pub awaits the Prospect of Whitby London's oldest Riverside public house, full of History and we met some friends in there and a pint was enjoyed after a long trek. Wapping underground station is nearby and The station occupies the north end of the former Thames foot tunnel built by Marc Isambard Brunel between 1825–1843.

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The Thames Flood Barrier