Bamburgh castle

Bamburgh Castle

Well yet another Holiday was needed after the long break from the last( Gail said 3 weeks). The trip this time consisted a visit to the Border county of Northumberland with its rich heritage and coastline which has been designated an area of outstanding natural beauty, there are many castles in this area which date back many hundreds of years to a time when England had trouble with the Scots (thats De ja vu for you). Anyway we stayed at a fantastic B&B a short distance from Berwick-Upon-Tweed which was out of this world, West Longridge Manor (map ) and our travels started from here.

Bamburgh Castle.
It was a long drive from Milton Keynes and took us nearly 5 hours to complete however we started off early and arrived about 10.30am for a visit to the small town of Bamburgh.
The imposing Bamburgh Castle, overlooks the beach, and is the seat of the former Kings of Northumbria, and is presently owned by the Armstrong family (see William George Armstrong); and is associated with the Victorian heroine, Grace Darling, who is buried there. Entry to the castle is by ticket and costs about £18 . On approaching the castle there was an invasion of German Students so much speed and fast walking was needed to get to the front of the queue, however this was not needed in the end due to the fact that we both thought the castle was a bit of a flop to be honest and contained just collection of different things mainly crockery. We have visited many castles all over the country and from the outside it looks grand and there are a couple of good rooms inside but not the best anyway here are a few facts from Wikipedia .

Built on a dolerite outcrop, the location was previously home to a fort of the native Britons known as Din Guarie and may have been the capital of the British kingdom of the region (see Gododdin, Bryneich and Hen Ogledd)[2] from the realm's foundation in c.420 until 547, the year of the first written reference to the castle. In that year the citadel was captured by the Anglo-Saxon ruler Ida of Bernicia (Beornice) and became Ida's seat. It was briefly retaken by the Britons from his son Hussa during the war of 590 before being relieved later the same year.
His grandson
Æðelfriþ passed it on to his wife Bebba, from whom the early name Bebbanburgh was derived. The Vikings destroyed the original fortification in 993.

After a few hours looking around the castle and grounds we had a picnic underneath the castle walls and made our way to the castle Inn pub just to see what it was like for food so we could pop back for dinner later in the week. Again the Sea views from Bamburgh where great and you can look out across LIndesfarne and also the Farne islands both places we visited later in the week.
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Bamburgh Castle
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