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Algernon canvin

James Algernon S Canvin (1882-1950)

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Both James and his brother
Reginald from Deanshanger had long distinguished careers in the Army, with Reginald emigrating to Australia and serving with the 3rd Australian field Ambulance and James serving the Royal Bucks Hussars. Both the brothers were born in Wharf house Deanshanger which still stands today and from where their father Tom Canvin ran a coal Yard. Why James won the MC we have no idea and I cannot find any details of his heroic actions, but we know he rose to the rank of Captain and later in life become a JP local magistrate. He served in the 2nd South African war, Egypt, Palestine and France in WW1 and had one of the longest serving records of the Hussars. In WW2 he served in the Local Home Guard.

Captain Canvin
was awarded the M.C. for bravery in Palestine, and in his previous career had served all through the South African campaign - 1899-1902 - for which he gained the Queen's Medal with Transvaal, Orange River and Cape Colony clasps, and the King's Medal with two clasps - 1901 and 1902. In addition, for duty in the Royal Bucks Hussars he was awarded the Long Service Medal, and now aged 36 he has a splendid record of nearly 22 years' service. His father and grandfather both served in the Bucks Yeomanry.

James Algernon S Canvin War medals

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A Great Article about the Fighting Canvin Brothers of Deanshanger,

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