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Cholsey to Dorchester Along the Thames Footpath.

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This was another walk In our quest to walk the river Thames and thankfully we are nearing the end now, after this we have 7 walks left. This walk was from the town of cholsey to Dorchester a trip of about 10 miles in total, along good paths.

Public transport help.
Cholsey has a train station and you will find plenty of parking here on a weekend, parking is with Apoca parking and at the time of writing cost £3.50 but please note the matchine does not take cash or card it’s all done on the phone. Dorchester does not have a train staton so you will have to rely on buses or a taxi to get you to the other end. We decided to risk it and walk to Dorchester and luckily found 2 buses that took us straight back to the train station. Buses in Dorchester are rare indeed but you have to take a detour to a lay-by on the A4074 this is about 1.5 miles from Dorchester. You need the x39 river rapids bus to Wallingford then get off and change bus to the 136 to cholsey.
Map for Bus pickup point.

View ranger and Garmin Mapping.

Photos from the Trip.