04 November 2018

100 years from the end of the great War

We shall Remember them. Members of the Canvin Family that Died and fought in the Great War.
stacks-image-2cea35d stacks-image-c71c841-466x370 Charles Henry Canvin (1897-1917) Died at Vimy, France John Robert Canvin (1884-1916) Died in Pozieres France William Billing Canvin (1888-1919) Died in Egypt Victor Thomas Canvin (1892-1970) Wounded at Vimy Horace Daniel Canvin (1895-1961) Edwin Canvin (1851-1930) George Edward Thomas Canvin (1879-1949) Harold William Canvin (1880-1927) William Charles Canvin (1867-1942) Reginald Thomas Canvin (1893-1981) James Algernon S Canvin (1882-1950) Herbert Alfred Collins Canvin (1880-1971) Charles Ernest Canvin (1896-1952) George William Canvin (1894-1959) Arthur Henry Canvin (1894-1959) Albert George William Canvin (1893-1939) George Canvin (1879-1939) Stanley Dymock Canvin (1896-1964) Henry James Canvin (1877-1943) Thomas Canvin (1898-1939) Anthony Love Canvin (1896-1978) Robert Leslie Canvin (1880-1950) Charles Canvin Hamilton (1879-1942)