Oxford Walk

2015-07-25 10.25.58

A nice 9.5 mile walk around the City of Oxford taking in the Universities and a lot of the major Tourist attractions, this route is over nice paths with very little incline. Please click this link to view page.


Upton House

2015-07-23 13.18.50

We have visited this old house before but this week the house was displaying a war theme, and it was set out as it was in the 1940’s. The house back then belonged to the Bearsted family. The Family owned bank M.Samuel moved from London at the start of the war to protect assets and staff from the London Air raids. Please click this link to view page.


Ludlow & Croft Castle.

Croft castle Church

This was Gails choice of days out and we set of to the Historic Town of Ludlow in the county of Shropshire some 2 hours away, so a long day out. After a very nice breakfast in Aragons of Church Street we had a good look around. Please click this link to view page.


Canary Wharf London


Gail my dad and myself drove down to Dollis Hill and got the Tube into Canary Wharf to have a look around on a very sunny Sunday morning. I decided to take my camera and just walk around the old Wharf,s taking photos of the big city financial Buildings, if you go on a Sunday the place is deserted. Please click here to view page.