The Gulf of Naples

pictures from Pompeii

The holiday started on a rainy day very early in the morning at Gatwick Airport, this combined with the prolonged exposure to the so called Brexit made us very glad to leave the country for a short while. We arrived at Naples airport and were greeted by glorious sunshine of 30 deg something that would not leave us for the next 6 days

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Italy and Florence a tour of Tuscany

A great tour around Tuscany in Italy, we stayed in Florence for a week and just cruised around the rolling hills and old Medieval Villages and Towns please click this link to view.

First Image

Rome 2010

Well the trip to rome seems long gone now, but we have both video and pictures to bore you all with. The holiday we had was great and we loved rome and the culture over there. WE see many highlights to many to go into great detail so i hope the video and photos help. Please click on the links below to guide you to the correct part of my site. I could not publish to Youtube because video comes in just over Ten minutes, Anyway have a look and i look forward to your comments.

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