Hathersage Moor walk 5th March 2011

Distance 6.5 Mile - Total ascent 899ft

We had a great trek across the Hathersage Moor in the peak district. We set off well early in the morning which is normal for us and got there about 09.11am. The weather was not great and there was a low level fog all around the tops of the hills. Infact to start with we may have well been in the back garden you could see sod all. We set off and after a bit of map reading from Gail we got on the correct path and into the unknown we went. We Gpx the hole route and details are as below.

Have a look at our Youtube Video

Elevation profile.

Gail at the car park

Gail at the car park

The weather started to really come down but we pressed on and it was that very fine rain and it got through my boots thats for sure.

Views from the car park (its wet)

Me by a Tree

By the Brook that runs by Padley Gorge

Looking towards the Top of Higger Torr

Crossing the small Stream that runs through Moor.