Edale to Hollins cross then to mam Tor, rushup edge, over the top of the Cowburn tunnel onto Edale moor and back down to Edale
Total Distance 10.9 Miles Ascent 2283ft Time 6h 19m 54s
Peaks Climbed Hollins cross, Mam Tor, Lords Seat, Horsehill Tor, Brown Knoll, Grindslow Knoll.
10th July 2011

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We have both wanted to do this walk for a long time, we have done a few trips now around the hope valley but this one was by far the best. We put the tent up at a campsite in the village of Edale in the Hope valley. Fieldhead Campsite provided very few amenities for £15 a night however you can get a shower there but thats about it. No shop and also you cannot park the car near the tent which i thought was a bit poor. We set off late on this walk but the weather was good and our first climb onto the great ridge was a path upto Hollins cross. This is the lowest point onto the great ridge and an easy climb, you will then have lose hill to your left and Mam tor the route we took, to the right.
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Mam tor stands at 1696ft and is an impressive tor to climb, a lot of work has been done on the path to the summit and when reached, great views can be seen over both Edale and castleton vales . If you look carefully around the bottom flanks of mam tor you will see loads of rock debris. From the summit of the tor we then climbed down and over the road onto the flanks of Rushup edge up to the highest point the lords Seat at 1791ft
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We went across Colborne and made our way over the Cowburn Tunnel. The tunnel underneath us was built in1891and carries the railway west out of Edale to Chinley. We arrived at the summit of Brown Knoll and I had a picture taken at the trig point . At 569m it is the sixth highest point in the peak district. We then started to join the Jacobs ladder path up to Swines back and then near the Edale rocks, finally to have a picture taken at Noe stool.
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The Gritstone rock formations are very strange on the Kinder plateau, with some of the best being on Edale head. Noe stool (left picture) Pym Chair and the Woolpacks looked very strange. Years of wind rain and frost have sculptured these rocks and it makes a great walk through them. On the video i have also published with youtube you will see more of these. The weather was a bit grim at this point and I did not want to get the camera out. We made our way to Crowden Tower at 619m and then to the top of Grindslow Knoll 601m. From there we went down a very steep path back to Edale and for pint at the Rambler Inn. This was a long hard walk but good fun, please make sure if you do this route that the weather is ok near Kinder scout. The place is notourious for getting walkers lost.
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The Great Edge Hope Valley.

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