Blackwater Reservoir Walk

This walk turned into a classic with some of the best views on our trip to Scotland, from Mountains to classic Victorian Dams and engineering masterpieces . The Blackwater Dam walk starting point is the power Station at the bottom of the valley, This power station was the purpose of the dam and it supplied Hydro power to the large Aluminium plant within the Village of KInlochleven (map), the Aluminium plant has now gone and moved to Fort William and its this that the station provides electric to now. From the power station you will see the large pipes bringing the water down. After climbing for about 6 miles, we finally got to the dam. After a while the pipe lines all merge into a central point (map) and the water starts coming down in a massive Concrete Conduit or viaduct - this is a feat of engineering when you think it was all built by hand and shovel you simply walk on top and follow it all the way to the Dam. The dam, at 27 m high, was built at an elevation of over 305m in rugged and almost inaccessible terrain, and involved the construction of some 6 km of concrete aqueduct and nearly 13 km of steel pipe in total (four parallel pipelines).
The dam was built using hand tools, without the benefit of mechanical earth moving machinery, and has been described as the last major creation of the traditional 'navvy' whose activities in the construction of canals and railways left an indelible mark on the British countryside.There is one sad sight on the trip and that is the graveyard near to the base of the dam, its here that they buried the workers that die in accidents or succumbed to the elements. This is a great walk however its a hard slog up to the dam, so take plenty of water with you, however as you have a sit down by the massive reservoir and take in the views it will be all worth it.

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