The River Thames

Staines-Upon-Thames to Hampton Court a 12 mile walk along the Thames.

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This was a great 12 mile hard walk in 30deg heat along the river thames from Hampton Court to Staines. We drove down to Hampton Court Train Station and parked there, its £6 on a weekend you can pay using Ringo on your Mobile Phone. To get to Staines took a bit of planning and for this we used the Great App Citymappe, this will plan all your London area journeys by Bus, Train, walking etc. On this Journey we used the bus method with the bus stop just outside the train station by the main road, this took us to Feltham Train station where we had to travel one stop to our final destination Staines. From staines we walked down Gresham road and at the bottom turn right and you will find some Gardens where you can get onto the Thames Path. please see the google maps for help. You will pass a few locks along this route and due to the weather many boats were lining up to get along the Thames, I was surprised when I got to end of the walk how much the river had dropped using GPS. There are plenty of benches along the route to have a picnic and take £4 with you to use the ferry at Shepparton, the north side pathway stops here so you need to walk along the opposite south Weybridge landing side. You will pass Desborough island a large artificially created island in the River Thames on the reach above Sunbury Lock in Surrey, England. The island was formed in the 1930s by the digging of a channel – the Desborough Cut – by the Thames Conservancy. Both island and cut are named after Lord Desborough who was at that time chairman of the Thames Conservancy. A bit farther and you will find a couple of Riverside Pubs the Anglers & The Swann near to Walton-upon-Thames , next stop will be sunbury and then the end of the walk Hampton Court and the train station . A good walk this one all on the flat on good surfaces just a bit long in the June 30+ heat.

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Hampton to Staines

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