Ashmolean Museum Oxford. 14th April 2013

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We went to Oxford on Sunday the 14th April to visit Darrel, try some real Ale and pay a visit to the Ashmolean Museum. Oxford is not car friendly and even though I know the place well now, we took the park and ride from the Pear Tree Car park. It cost £2 to park the car and about £5 for a return on the bus for a couple. The bus takes you straight into the City centre and the main tourist spots, shops, and street performers (god i hate those lot !!!!).

The Turf Tavern.
The first stop over was the Turf Tavern a great real ale pub off the tourist track and quiet on a sunday. The Public house dates from the 13th century and to reach it you have to pass under the bridge of Sighs then down a winding alley way called St Helens passage to reach the ale house. Some of the old city wall runs along in the back garden where the pub borders New college. The Turf Tavern is also where former Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke set a Guinness World Record for consuming a yard glass of ale in 11 seconds.
Local legend has it that it was at the Turf Tavern where former U.S. president Bill Clinton, while attending Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, infamously "did not inhale".
I consumed a pint of Old Trip first that went down a treat then a pint of Old Golden Hen that also went down a treat. The food was a bit of a let down in the pub with myself having the smallest bit a bacon ever served, So beer 5 stars - food 1 star.

The Ashmolean Museum.
We only had a little while in the museum and it was just not long enough, I did not know that it was so big so allow about 4-5 hours if you wish to see all on display . The museum can be found in Beaumont Street just oppisite the Randolph Hotel. The Museum was the first University Museum, with the first building opening in 1678, it undertook a major redevelopment in 2009 and new galleries opened in 2011 with the focus on Egypt. The museum takes its name from a
Elias Ashmole he was an antiquary collector and also a politician and alchemist. The museum contains just too many things to go into details on this page however some of the highlights are as follows.

Alfred Jewel
Messiah Stradivarius