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LIncoln & The Cathedral

The Last of our Cathedral trips took us to the City of Lincoln, the county Town of Lincolnshire.

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We arrived very early after another cheap night in a Hotel just a few minutes away from Lincoln, after a short drive we were parked in a multi Storey near to
Brayford Pool and ready to set off and have a good look around however we decided to stop for a full english breakfast and a coffee first. Lincoln can be traced back to The iron age that goes back to at least 1st Century BC and if you look about you will soon find roman remains. The Newport Arch near to the cathedral is dated AD48 it is the oldest arch in the uk that is still used by traffic. To get to the Arch and the Cathedral you need to walk up Steep hill this is a very popular Tourist route and if you want to get pictures arrive early because later on there were thousands of people walking up the steep incline
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On your way to the top you will find loads of Pubs and tea rooms, and you will also pass the Jews House that is located at 15 the Straight. This court was a thriving jewish community and the house remains very much as it was then, in fact it is one of the earliest examples in England, Anti Semitism was stoked up in 1255 by the case of Little Saint Hugh a local lad whose body was found in a well, A local Jew was blamed of the crime and it started a chain of events that led in 1290 to the whole jewish community being expelled from England, and their lands and houses being distributed into other hands, many of the local Jews lost their lives and were persecuted by the Christians, it was all down to Blood Libel you can read more about it here if you wish.

The Cathedral

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The Gothic style cathedral makes for an impressive sight on top of a hill and just a small way from the castle, it stands 143m long and the spire reaches some 160metres. The first construction was 1088 and went onto 1311. Over the years there have been fires and also the Central spire collapsed in the year 1549. Many people say its the best cathedral, however we both liked Winchester Cathedral more. Entry is just £6.50, and if you like taking photos like I do get there early to avoid the crowds and get some good shot, however the light is very dim inside. In 1141 the timber roofing was destroyed in a large fire it was rebuilt but it was then mostly destroyed by an Earthquake in 1185. The Bishop of Lincoln Hugh of wells was a signatories of the Magna Carta and for years the cathedral held one of the original four remaining copies, a facsimile is now on display with the original held not far away in Lincoln castle . Also within the Cathedral you will find the Lincoln Imp, legend has it two mischievous imps were sent by Satan to do evil work on Earth. After causing mayhem elsewhere in Northern England the two imps headed to Lincoln Cathedral, where they smashed tables and chairs and tripped up the Bishop. An angel appeared in the Angel Choir and ordered them to stop. One of the imps sat on top of a stone pillar and started throwing rocks at the angel whilst the other cowered under the broken tables and chairs. The angel turned the first imp to stone, allowing the second imp to escape. The imp that turned to stone can still be found sitting on top of his stone column in the Angel Choir


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