London Trip Oct 2014

This was organised by work and included the coach and a one night stay in the 5 star The Grange Hotel London Bridge. The hotel was great with a very nice room and facilities within were also good, a nice breakfast was included in the cost and I took full advantage in the morning. The main purpose of the trip was to visit The Palace theatre to see the commitments .The Commitments is set in Dublin in the 1980’s and is the tale of an band manager, Jimmy Rabbitte and a group of aspiring musicians who get together in the hope of forming a band. Jimmy wants to manage the world’s greatest soul band and, like a true businessman, he holds auditions at his parents’ house along in the hope of discovering musical talent. Unlike Jimmy’s soul idols such as Aretha Franklin and Ottis Reading, Jimmy finds himself with a group of white and weedy musicians. Hell bent on transforming the group into something great, Jimmy names the band “The Commitments” and together they attempt to head up an Irish soul revolution the musical, the show was great and well worth the trip. If you need tickets for this show book well in advance to get the best seats there are plenty of websites offering good prices but they all cost about the same, please also remember to pre-order your drinks for half time to avoid the queue. After a great show we walked along the usual tourist routes around central London taking in Soho, Leicester Square etc. The best visit of the trip was to see the Poppies around the Tower of London, to mark 100 years since the start of WW1. We were really lucky that the weather was brilliant that weekend and we were able to walk round without coats or jackets on. I took some photos which I think turned out quite well, have a look below.