The London Eye - January 2015

The London eye and the Photo galleries at Somerset House.

We had another day in London but this time we took the car to Dollis Hill and parked up, then we walked the few hundred yards to the station on the Jubilee line. It took 25 mins straight through into Westminster tube station, and then we went to the London eye. We purchased both the day and night ticket for the London eye it cost £50 for the two of us. The weather was grim with fog and rain so it was more like the London sigh on the day ride, we could not even find the Shard it was that bad. It takes about 30 mins for a trip around but with the bad weather I found it a bit disappointing.

Photography Exhibition

Somerset House Chris Stein/Negative: Me, Blondie, and The Advent of Punk and the Guy Bourdin photograph exhibition. The Blondie exhibition was fantastic with some great photos from the mid and late 70,s with bands The Ramones - B52 - Devo and some great pictures of Blondie, it cost nothing to enter and it is open until March so don't miss it you will find it in the east gallery you can find more details at

The guy Bourdin image maker expo gallery was also on the to do list, it's in the South gallery and is on a couple of floors. It cost £9 each to get in and was worth the money. Guy Bourdin was a famous photographer and has done loads of shoots for top magazines such as vogue , he is famous for taking a fashion dummy's legs around England in an American Cadillac and taking some iconic images. Please see this link to get more info

Night Time on the London Eye
We walked along the Thames towards the London Eye and queued again to get on, although you only queue for a few minutes. Again you get about thirty mins on a full rotation but this time the weather had lifted and the views were fantastic, you could see for miles and London really looks good from this height . The Shard looks impressive and towers above all the other landmarks goto and book your tickets you won’t be disappointed .