Anglesey Abbey a National Trust house

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We made a Visit to Anglesey Abbey near the village of Lode Cambridgeshire. A large house with a 46 hectare garden and a working watermill. If you are not a member of the National Trust entry fee was £10.50 for an adult, i think the membership of about £62 works out far cheaper in the long run. Some houses only give a few rooms up for public viewing but this one has opened a vast number of room with loads of painting and other interesting stuff to view. As in most of the NT properties you will find helpful staff that are always knowledgeable of the house and the old stories that surround it.
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The Abbey was formed here originally by Augustinian Cannons around 1100 - 1135 when they acquired extra land around the village of Bottisham. The canons were expelled during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1535. The former property was built around 1600 by Thomas Hobson and he converted it for a relative to live in, also at this time he changed the name to Anglesey Abbey. On the day we arrived there was a Home guard display in the grounds of the garden with loads of old memorabilia to look at. There were Home guard drill displays and a few old cars also to look at. The garden are very large so we had a good walk around the place, it is well looked after, with plenty of picnic places to stop at. There was a lot of wildlife present and I took a few pictures for the collection. Please make sure to have a look below at the album online.
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