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Windsor castle 23rd April 2012

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A trip out to Windsor Castle in royal Berkshire. The weather was very grim and it rained non stop, but there are a lot of places inside the castle to keep dry. First things first, we were robbed by a royal cutpurse for £18. it is a big place but still not better than Hampton court which is also nearby. I think you can get your ticket stamped and come again within the year if you don't see it all. The first place to get out of the cold we visited was the impressive St Georges Chapel. in 1348 King Edward III founded two new religious colleges , St stephens westminster & St George's Windsor the history of this place of worship is huge so I will not go to much into detail at this point. The chapel is the place of many Royal funerals and internments and also numerous weddings etc. It is also where you find the order of the garter, it was founded in 1348 and is the highest order of Chivalry and Knighthood in England and will contain no more than 24 members, these are usually royal family members and other royalty from overseas and members of the armed forces etc a current list can be found here at this link. Make sure you visit the chapel it is worth your while.

The State Apartments

t was looking in the state apartments that I found a case with the bullet that killed Nelson in it. It lays in one of the vast display. In here you will find all sorts of works of art and other treasures. The state apartments form the major part of the upper ward of the North side. It takes a while to walk around these vast rooms and they get very busy also. My major moan is you only see a small part of the castle, the best bit is the round tower, but you can only visit this on a few days a year and at extra cost. All in all a right royal Swiz, and in my regal summing up "ego mos non reverto" I will not return

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