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Ham House a national trust property, Richmond-Upon-Thames.
After the rip off Windsor castle, it made a great day finding this National trust property to visit. The house lies right on the Thames near to Richmond, it has easy parking and worth the trip down. The house is a treasure trove of paintings and other works of art. The house itself dates from 1610 and was built for William Murray, he was a courtier for Charles I taking the role of his whipping boy, well it paid off because william was given the lease of Ham house & Grounds in 1626. In 1637 william started some huge alterations to the house, these changes showed other gentry the style and power of william, a man in the royal court. It was the civil war of 1642 and his loyalty to the king that nearly brought Ham house down, William's eldest daughter Elizabeth was able to steer Ham through Cromwell's rule by establishing good relations with the Protector. All the while she sent secret Royalist messages to the prince in exile on the continent.
When Charles II was restored to power in 1660, Ham once again became a place for entertaining and extravagance. This time it was under the ownership of Elizabeth. Its one of the best places under the care of the national trust we have been to, and a great little find. Took some great pictures please have a look at the photos below.

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