North Pembrokeshire walk day 2

Distance: 8.68mi : Time 5:21:26 : Elevation gain 408m
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On the second part of the North Pembrokshire walk we picked up the path at Whitesands (street map), and made our way north to the rugged cliffs and cairns that stretch along this route. We didn't get many pictures along this route due to the mist that was very heavy and failed to lift until late afternoon. A Neolithic Burial chamber called Coetan Arthur (street map) is on this route, it dates to 3000 bc, and has a large slab of stone perched precariously onto another stone slab. The hill side is very exposed. Make your way North east and you will soon see the way up the impressive Carn Llidi (street map) at 181m and a steep scramble up the rocks from all sides, the hill contains burial chambers but we failed to find them due to the mist. All along this hill lays old settlements and field systems. Whilst we we walking we kept seeing loads of wild horses that just wander around the hills. After the climbing of another cairn we made our way back to the coastal path towards whitesands beach, where we returned to the car and had a drive around.

The Blue Lagoon

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Our first stop was Abereiddy and the Blue Lagoon (street map). The Blue lagoon is an old quarry and the water is a distinctive blue colour, and its from the old quarry building perched above the water that people come to dive into the water many feet below . We worked our way along the narrow roads and small hamlets and villages to a place we have visited before, a large cairn called Garn Fawr (street map). From here you get the most dramatic view across to the south west along the costal path. You will find a small car park right by the sea (street map), then walk to the youth hostel and you will see a clear path to the top. Looking north from the trig point on the summit (213m) you will see Strumble head light house (street map) perched on the large rocks called Ynys Meicel, it was built in 1908 at 55ft high and still contains the original lantern. It was automated in 1980 and can be seen by ships over 26 miles away, it was running at the time we were there but luckily the fog horn was not sounding. Yet another seal was spotted at this remote location and also dolphins but I'm afraid the weather was poor and we have no photos of the dolphins.