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Chichester 23rd Feb 2014

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The only trouble with our winter expeditions is we find even more paces that we must visit and explore, and on our trip yesterday into the south Downs we found loads. We stayed friday night in a hotel just 10mile from the old Roman city of Chicester sitting in the county of West Sussex, Plenty of parking is available within the city and parking rates of £4 for the day is not too bad. After breakfast we made our way to the Norman Gothic Cathedral that sits in the heart of the city, founded in 1075 when the seat of the bishop was moved from Selsey. following extract from Wiki

Chichester Cathedral has fine architecture in both the Norman and the Gothic styles, and has been called by the architectural historian Nikolaus Pevsner "the most typical English Cathedral".[3] Despite this, Chichester has two architectural features that are unique among England's medieval cathedrals—a free-standing medieval bell tower (or campanile) and double aisles.[4] The cathedral contains two rare medieval sculptures, and many modern art works including tapestries, stained glass and sculpture, many of these commissioned by Dean Hussey.[2]
The city of Chichester, though it retains two main cross streets laid out by the Romans, has always been small enough for the city's entire population to fit inside the cathedral at once.
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Within Chichester you will find both plenty of shops and pubs and restaurants to keep you going, and some of the little side streets are great to look down, make sure you find the Bishops Garden a great place to wander around in this peaceful place, shame the summer was not here it would have looked even better (Take a look at this link to see it in summer). Also make sure you walk around the Walls walk, the original Roman walls are long gone however a newer one was built in Medieval times still using the original roman foundation remains and it makes for a pleasant hour long walk around the city.

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Chichester Cross is an elaborate Perpendicular market cross in the centre of the city of Chichester, West Sussex, standing at the intersection of the four principal streets. According to the inscription upon it, this cross was built by Edward Story,Bishop of Chichester from 1477 to 1503; but little is known for certain and the style and ornaments of the building suggest that it may date from the reign of Edward IV. It was built so that the poor people should have somewhere to sell their wares, and as a meeting point. An earlier wooden cross had been erected on the same site by Bishop Rede (1369-1385). The stone cross was repaired during the reign of Charles II, and at the expense of the Duke of Richmond, in 1746 and stands to this day

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