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Avebury and the Stone Circles & the manor House

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On another grim wet winters day we decided to walk around the Neolithic henge and small village of Avebury in Wiltshire , this is a unesco world heritage site and is just a great place to visit. In the summer you have to get there early or the car parks get to busy however on a wet February morning we had no problem. The Henge and museums are run by the national trust and there is a small car parking fee of £3 if you are not a member, also with entry into the manor house it can cost you £25 for a couple so its worth joining. Constructed over several hundred years in the 3rd millennium BC,[1] during the Neolithic, or 'New Stone Age', the monument comprises a large henge (a bank and a ditch) with a large outer stone circle and two separate smaller stone circles situated inside the centre of the monument. Its original purpose is unknown, although archaeologists believe that it was most likely used for some form of ritual or ceremony.

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The Avebury monument was a part of a larger prehistoric landscape containing several older monuments nearby, including West Kennet Long Barrow and Silbury Hill. Just to walk around the outskirts of the henge you marvel at the 9m ditch that also runs around it all dug by hand around 3000bc with nothing more the Deer antlers, the man hours involved must have been incredible. A lot of the stones were either buried of broken up and took to build modern buildings in the adjacent farms.
To get out of the wet and cold we made our way to the National Trust Manor house, this once belonged to Alexander Keiller the archaeologist that was responsible for helping to restore a lot of the stone circle. Keiller was heir to the marmalade business of his family, James Keiller & Son that had been established in 1797[1] in Dundee, and exported marmalade and confectionery across the British Empire.
A good day out we shall again return when the heavens are not throwing water down on us, we did hope to walk 7 miles but the fields were all waterlogged .

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